Water depended oxygen absorber W type


The iron series self-reaction type oxygen absorber absorbs O2 when the out package is opened and contact with air. Meanwhile the water depended oxygen absorber works when it touch the moisture of the food and it is suitable for the food with high water activity (AW0.85-0.98). In normal condition( 25℃& below 70%RH)it does not work. So the packaging operate time can be extended to 8 hours. In addition, oxygen absorption capacity is much bigger than the self-reaction type ones; the size of the bag is also small. It is better in cost.

Oxygen absorption speed increases along with AW of the food. It can make the oxygen concentration decrease to below 0.1% within a short time. It has smaller size compared to self-action type, but not less than the self-action type.


Both sides can absorb oxygen.

Using water and oil proof composited film made in Japan. There is no difference at the front and back. Both sides can absorb oxygen.

oxymove11 oxymove12 oxymove21 oxymove22
Up side Down side Up side Down side
Single side absorb type Both sides absorb type

operate time

25℃ below 70%RH Within 8hrs
25℃ 70%RH~90%RH Within 4hrs

※Time is half of above if the temperature is over 35℃


The water depended oxygen absorber has good oxygen absorption capacity. It has smaller size compared to self-action type. It is better in cost.

Type Name Intended Size Size(mm) pcs/bag Bags Amount
Iron Series Self-reaction Type N20 20cc 30 x 35 500 20 10,000
N50 50cc 40 x 40 300 20 6,000
Water Dependencies Type W25 25cc 30 x 20 500 36 18,000
W50 50cc 30 x 35 500 20 10,000


Rice cake, glutinous rice,dough /pasta, raw wakame, miso, raw flour, sweet natto, Dorayaki, Fried chicken, pizza blocks, dried squids, salty cooking seafood, pine fillets, sausages, medium pastrys, buns/bread, bean pies, rings, baumkuchen, cheese, etc.


Notice for use

1. The speed of absorption will slow down if the package shape can not absorb moisture easily even if the food has the high AW. So please put it into the place inside the food package that absorbs water easily.

2. Water-depended oxygen absorber starts work only when it touches the moisture of the food. So it is not suitable for those dry foods,


Though water depended oxygen absorber use the water and oil proof type material, sometimes effective may be not so good because of the different water and oil content. Otherwise, permeation of the alcoholic will prevent the absorption capacity. So it is necessary to have a practical test fist before use.