Fresh Care®

Characteristic & Performance

Fresh Care® is a kind of the product which uses our special method to make the alcohol into powder and be filled into the small bags. The alcohol releases slowly in the container, it not only has the effect to anti-bacteria, but also prevent the food from dehydration and keep the foods moist. It is very safe in the foods preservation that uses a little alcohol to keep the quantity of foods. It needs not to use air barrier material as its out package like oxygen absorber, so it’s more economic. It wouldn’t have the trouble of bag-shrinking, furthermore, it can pass the metal detect machine.

The use method of alcohol freshness retainer

The use of alcohol freshness retainer is to prevent the mildew. Its main effect is antibacterial and sterilization for the surface of the food. If the alcohol concentration is 0.33~0.5Vol% at the surface of the food, it can almost prevent the mildew completely. When it is used in the product with high AW, the alcohol will dissolve in the moisture, so the concentration of alcohol cannot rise completely. Because of this reason, the large-capacity of alcohol freshness retainer will be chosen.
If the AW of the food is below 0.8, the alcohol freshness retainer with small capacity can work effectively, and also economic

The water activity of different kinds of food (AW)

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 03.13.20

The data in the sheet is the approximate speculated value. The correct AW should be tested according to the actual situation

Packaging material

Please use the material that the permeability of alcohol is below 10g/m2/24h,40℃. It needs not to use the film packaging material with high air-resistance like oxygen absorber, so it is economic. You also can use the OPP film with high transparency.

Film constitution Transparency
Al series(Al foil、Al Coated film) OPP/Al Coating/CPP <1
Si・Al Coated Series plating silicon PET/LLDPE <1
PVDC(K)coated films PVDC coating Nylon/LLDPE <1~3
PVA coated films of OPP PVA coating OPP/CPP <1
Gas barrier(MXD6)Nylon ONylon/MXD6/PE 5~15
Nylon(Except gas barrier nylon) ONy/LLDPE 15~30

The transparency of all kinds of gases will change according to the constitution, thickness, temperature, humidity of the films.

The AW of the foods and the necessary amount of alcohol freshness retainer.

①Choosing of packaging type, inner capacity and film
②Test AW of the food
③Read the below chart for the alcohol freshness retainer specifications that are suitable for the food of 100g.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 03.19.02

Notice for using.

①Please notice that if the AW is above 0.95, the effect will be Weakened
②Don’t use together with CO2.