Ethylene gas absorber(freshcare®-E)


The freshness of vegetables and fruits is influenced by the environment which include oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. and temperature, humidity, dew, etc. during storage and transportation.
Freshcare ®-E is a freshness keeping agent that removes ethylene gas from fruits and vegetables, suppresses over ripe, has softening prevention and prevents moisture evaporation of vegetables and fruits.
General ethylene gas absorbents are affected by high humidity and the ability is greatly reduced, but freshcare® E is not susceptible to humidity and maintains high absorption performance.
It uses activated carbon/ natural minerals as the base material, so it is excellent in safe and disposability.

Definition of ethylene gas

Green fruit will also breathe after picking, will speed up the aging, freshness will decline rapidly. This is the catalytic effect of ethylene gas. The ethylene gas emitted from the green fruit itself shortens its life. We can control the ethylene gas from picking to selling to the consumer and can keep long-term preservation of green fruit.

  • ・freshcare® -E Maintain freshness from picking, storage to shipment.
  • ・freshcare® -E Prevention of deterioration of freshness during transport.
  • ・freshcare® -E Maintain a fresh state in the store.
  • ・freshcare® -E Make the preservation period in the family longer.

Ethylene gas absorption capacity


※Not assurance.


  • ● Vegetables

    Short-term transportation of broccoli, tomato, bamboo shoots, cucumbers,
    eggplant, asparagus, etc.

  • ● Fruits

    Short-term transportation of melon, peach, sour orange, banana, etc.
    Long-term transportation of apple, persimmon, pear, grapefruit, sour orange, kiwifruit, etc.

Using attention

  • According to the variety and maturity of the green fruit, packaging conditions,
    storage conditions, effect is different. Make sure to test with actual goods and
    confirm the effect.
  • Please use with fresh, undamaged and clean green fruits. If mixed with poor quality
    green fruits, the effect will become poor.
  • If use with high-gas-resistant film to pack the green fruits, it will cause
    respiratory disorders of green fruits.
  • Cool green fruits to the storage temperature and then pack.
  • Prevent the packing broken.
  • Prevent high temperature.
  • Use as soon as possible after opening the package. Also return unused products
    to the bag and seal.