Oxygen Absorber (OxyMove ®)

Oxygen absorption performance

Oxygen absorption curve N type

N curve

OxyMove products list

Type Characteristic Main use Exposure time Oxygen absorption time
Iron series self-reaction type N E0BF29FE-3913-4E92-A369-FBF6E5E4075C Normal type Oil food, cake, peanut, moon cake, etc 4 hours Half~1day
NF E0BF29FE-3913-4E92-A369-FBF6E5E4075C cold & frozen type Frozen foods and so on 1hr 2~3days
W E76B1C17-EA83-4ACA-A3C6-66C1C7626B60 Water depended type Sliced rice cakes, dough, pancake, etc 8 hours Half~2days
Organic series
Self-reaction type
OA 9D95EC32-A4BC-4D63-A096-81FDFB16E501 Generate CO2 at the same time.
It can pass metal detect machine and there is no degassing.
Oil food,
cake, etc
1 hour 2~3days

Oxygen absorber with Oxygen indicatint card

We can confirm the oxygen condition by color change.

sansoariWith oxygen arrow sansonasiNo oxygen

The characteristics of the inner packaging materials that are used by different types

Type The characteristics of the inner packaging materials
N This packaging material is designed specially for the Japan market. Water and oil proof paper is laminated into the middle layer. It is suitable for the high-moisture and high oil foods.
The hole is perforated by heat tiny needle. It could guarantee to get a stable OTR. The surface of material which contacts the food directly has been acknowledged by Japanese Ministry of Health

Selection of packaging materials ( packing bag )

When using oxygen absorber, please use food packaging materials with low oxygen permeability(15ml/m2, atm,, and 24hr).

Aluminum foil, aluminum plated film, silicon plated film,PVA, PVDC, gas barrier nylon etc.

Selection of size

Oxygen capacity (CC) = High×width×length (CM) – content weight (g) / specific gravity (=1) *0.21
Most of the food specific gravity is 1, so it can calculated in accordance with the weight (g) = (CC).
Please confirm the effect through practical test before use.