Oxygen Absorber (OxyMove ®)

DMF certification

Since the OxyMove N series has been registered with DMF (Drug Master File),it can be used safely in the United States.

DMF Number : 032320



OxyMove has two types: iron type and organic type.. Iron type is based on the oxidation reaction of iron and oxygen and has self-reaction type and moisture-dependent type. Organic type is mainly composed of highly safe organic materials. Both achieves deoxygenation inside of closed container and prevent the adverse effects of oxygen. In addition, we also have a lineup for refrigeration and refrigeration.

1. Reduce the growth of mold and bacteria, prevent food rot.
2. Reduce the discoloration and fading of food.
3. It prevents oxidation of fat and oil components and keeps the taste of food.
4. Deoxygenation preserves flavor and nutrients.
5. Not only for food, but also for clothing, electronic parts, medicines, etc.
It helps prevent insects, mildew and oxidation.

Deoxygenation performance/Contents

Oxygen absorption curve N type

Iron type Iron powder
Activated carbon
Water retention agent


Anti-mold Anti-discoloration Anti-pest Anti-rust
No use 1 2 3 4
Use 5 6 7 8

※ There is no effect on anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that breeds without oxygen) and facultative anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that breeds with or without oxygen).

How to use OxyMove

1. Opening the carton box. When opening box, avoid using too sharp an edge.
2. OxyMove is vacuum packed. If you hang outer bag from oneend, the packets should not slip.In case the packets should slip before opening, do not use it.
3. After opening, take out the necessary amount into a tray and use it spread out.
4. The remaining OxyMove should be resealed in outer bag after pressing out the air.

OxyMove products list

Type Feature Main application Handling time Deoxygenation time
Iron type Self- reacting N n Standard type
Oil & water proof
pet foods
moon cake etc.
4 hours 0.5~2 days
2~3 days
NN nn
K k Dust proof teanutsdried food etc.
NI NI With oxygen indicator
Detect presence of O2
Oil & water proof
moon cake etc.
1 hour
NF NF For freezing
For refrigeration
Oil & water proof
freezing food
fresh fish fillets
fish eggs etc.
1 hour 2~3 days
NA NA Alcohol generation type
Moist retention effect
Oil & water proof
Madeleine etc.
1 hour 0.5~2 days
Water dependent W W Absorb O2 only when exposed
to high humidity air
Oil & water proof
rice cake
raw noodle
pan cake etc.
8 hours 0.5~2 days
Non Iron type Self- reacting OA OA CO2 generation
No decrease in degassing
Metal detector available
Oil & water proof
oily food
dried small
sardines etc.
1 hour 2~3 days
OB Absorb O2 only
Metal detector available
Oil & water proof

* In addition to single package products, there are also continuous package products (roll products and belt products).
* Oxymove packaging material can contact with food directly.
* We also have seal type O2 indicator in addition to line type.

Selection of packaging materials ( packing bag )

When using oxygen absorber, please use food packaging materials with low oxygen permeability(15ml/m2, atm,, and 24hr).

Aluminum foil, aluminum plated film, silicon plated film,PVA, PVDC, gas barrier nylon etc.

※ If it becomes a pinhole (in the state where a small hole is opened in the outer bag),oxygen will come into and can not be deoxygenation.

Selection of size

Oxygen capacity (CC) = High×width×length (CM) – content weight (g) / specific gravity (=1) *0.21
Most of the food specific gravity is 1, so it can calculated in accordance with the weight (g) = (CC).
Please confirm the effect through practical test before use.