Dry Max®-M High Performance Desiccant  Not the object of CLP regulations

Product Introduction

Dry Max® -M is the high-performance desiccant made by magnesium chloride (also contained in bittern) and fixative. The product can absorb the moisture strongly by chemical reaction. After absorbing the moisture, it will solidify.Difference to CaCl2, MgCl2 is not limited by CLP regulations. It can be exported to EU.


  1. It can absorb moisture strongly at all humidity environments, from low humidity to high humidity.
  2. The maximum moisture-absorption capacity can be 210%, which is 7 times of silica gel products.
  3. Keep long time absorption ability and can fully effect in long time and distance shipment.
  4. After absorbing moisture, it will solidify, so the effect can be judged easily.
  5. Fast-acting type MX can prevent condensation caused by drastic changes of temperature. Normal type MG can absorb the moisture for a long time, so that the goods can be also protected for a long period.
Before absorption  After absorption
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moisture absorption rate

relative humidity


Rust-proof electronic products、automobile related products, precision instruments, etc. 
Moisture-proof Pharmaceutical products, IT related, precision chemical and palstic films
Prevent condensation ocean shipping container, air cargo. 
Mildew-proof optical products、leathers、handicrafts, fibers, etc.


Under the condition that the active ingredients are not changed, the moisture absorption speed can be controlled freely by choosing the different packaging materials.

Fast-acting type MX PET non-woven /PE non-woven / moisture-permeability water-proof film (moisture- penetration capacity of packaging material about 2000g/㎡/24hr)
Normal type MG Super water-resistant paper/ moisture-permeability water-proof film /PE strengthened fiber(moisture- penetration capacity of packaging material about 300g/㎡/24hr)


Using Attention

Even though the packaging material has the moisture-permeability & water-proof film, it may cause rust if it touches the metal directly. So please avoid touching directly with these metal products.