Care Mold Pak


Care Mold Pak is a kind of gasified anti-mold agent which is made of plant composition powder by special preparation and filled in a sachet. It plays the effect on mildew, bacteria, yeast. Gasified rate is smallest so effect can be sustained for a long time and it is suitable for preserving goods that can not add fungicide. In addition, it is different from desiccant and is effect to Aspergillus Niger. It can prevent the attachment of bacteria growth and can also play effect on the surrounding bacteria effectively.


Leather products Shoes, bag and others
Wooden product Mamboo products, precious wood, straw products, wood crafts
fiber products knitwear, shirts and other cloth products.


Silica gel, plant extracts, flavor


Type Standard Weight(g) Pack quantity(pcs) Size(mm)
CM0.7 0.7 4,800(400×12) 40×40

Standard usage qty is 1g for 8L space and different according to storage products, packaging material, storage state and storage time.
Willing specialty goods can be produced. For details please consult with our company.


Test bacterium:Aspergillus niger NBRC 105649

Test method: Drip 30 L of above-mentioned spore suspension to 107 of upper sterilized filter paper (diameter 8mm). Fit the paper to potato dextrose agar tightly and put into a 5.5L container. Fill the testing materials to the container and do not contain the agar culture-medium cover the lid to form a closed state for 7 days at the temperature of 25 DEG C. After incubation, test the growth width of mold around the paper.

Test result(culture for 7 days)

Testing materials Growth width(mm)
Care Mold Pak 0※
Blank sample 23.3

※No mold on the filter paper.

With Care Mold PakHas a superior performance of mold proof
Blank sampleHas mold