Ethanol transpiration type oxygen absorber (OxyMove®)


Ethanol transpiration type oxygen absorber OxyMove is quality preservation agent which is added ethanol transpiration function to iron type self-reactive oxygen absorber.
It is hybrid type oxygen absorber that exhibits a strong growth inhibitory effect on molds and yeast, Bacillus subtilis, lactic acid bacteria, etc. by deoxidizing and filling with ethanol gas the food container. In addition, the action of ethanol keeps the food soft and moist.

Precautions for use

Recommended use water activity value (Aw) 0.70-0.90
Working time Within 1 hour after opening
Storage method Store in a cool place at room temperature away from direct sunlight.
Warranty period 6 months from the date of manufacture
Handling precautions Make sure that the outer bag is vacuum packed before use.

Food packaging materials

It is necessary to use a film with a material with low oxygen permeability and low ethanol permeability for food packaging materials, so that oxygen does not enter during packaging and ethanol gas does not escape from the packaging. Films with an ethanol permeability of 10 g / m2 / day or less and an oxygen permeability of 15 mL / m2 / day · atm or less are suitable.

About the position of food inclusion

Ethanol is evaporated from both sides of the OxyMove and oxygen is absorbed from both sides. When attaching to food packaging, keep at least one side open. If OxyMove is in close contact with the film, the ethanol may be less likely to evaporate and the oxidation reaction may be delayed, which may reduce the effectiveness.

Size selection

OxyMove size is decided based on the amount of oxygen inside the food packaging.
① Measure the volume of the entire food packaging. …. (a)
The method of measuring the amount of drainage by submerging in water is accurate.
② Measure the weight of the food. …. (b)
The specific gravity of food is regarded as “1” and converted to volume (b).
③ Use the following formula to calculate the amount of oxygen in the package. …. (c)
{(A) [mL] – (b) [mL]} x 0.21 = (c) [mL] Oxygen content in the package
(a) Overall volume [mL] (b) Food weight [g] → Food volume [mL] (c) Oxygen content in packaging [mL] ④ Select the size of OxyMOve.
Select a grade that exceeds the oxygen content (c) [mL] in the package.

[calculation ex.] Sponge cake (a): 300 [mL] (b): 80 [g] → 80 [mL] (300 [mL] – 80 [mL]) × 0.21 = 46.2 [mL] ・ ・ ・ (c)
⇒In consideration of variations in food weight and packaging (volume) that occur in actual production, select a 50cc type that is larger than the standard amount.

Storage test

Please confirm the effect through practical test before use. The packaging condition affects the rate at which the ethanol gas evaporated from OxyMove reaches the food, the ethanol concentration during storage, and the deoxygenated state.

* Regarding alcohol
・ When opening outer bag, you may feel the scent of ethanol (alcohol), but there is no problem with the quality.
・ Since ethanol transpiration type sachets are enclosed, those who are sensitive to ethanol (alcohol) should be careful.
・ Be careful not to irritate eyes or respiratory organs as ethanol will evaporate when opened.