Antibacterial・Deodorization Agent


Create antibacterial deodorant by coating B type silica gel with antibacterial metal ion through our special technology. Almost no dissolution and gasification, it has antibacterial and mildew proof effect to the contact surface for a long time.
Antibacterial metal ion is a type of antibacterial agent taking silver – sub zinc ion as main component. It has a wide range of antimicrobial spectrum, inhibits the reproduction of bacteria and prevents foul smell caused by bacteria.

Anti-bacterial mechanism

Antibacterial metal ion spreads to microbial proliferation, attacks protein of cell membrane and cuts off the combine. Oxygen in the antibacterial agent turns to active oxygen partly through the antibacterial metal accelerant. The active oxygen has a strong antibacterial effect like ozone and hydrogen peroxide. And it can diffuse into the cells, disruption of protein composition and kill microorganisms.


Use as deodorant for pet toilet and simple toilet.


We can customize plastic bottle, plastic film, bulk or other special shape. Please consult with our company.


Do not pour into the toilet and sewer.


Antibacterial metal ion does not contain harmful heavy metals. High security of it has been confirmed by acute oral toxicity test, single dose skin irritation test, variation gene test and the skin feeling test. It is base on antibacterial agent approved by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) USA.
The chemical formula of silica gel is stable SiO2+nH2O, it has superior safety and it is considered as food additives by American FDA. Main component silicon dioxide will not be absorbed in the body. Even if it is taking by accident, human will not be poisoned.

Absorption test

Test method

Taking 8ml of ammo