Silica gel Desiccant

Characteristics & Performance

The main composition of silica gel is silicon dioxide (SiO2). It is a kind of porous substance with a specific surface area of 700m2/g. When saturated with water, the surface will not humid and the shape will not change.

The chemical formula is SiO2+nH2O, it is a material with good stability and high security. It is regarded as a dietary supplement by America FDA. 

Under certain relatively humidity, it can be divided into A and B type according to the moisture absorbing rate. A type is used widely, mainly used for waterproof or rustproof packages in the food products and electronic fittings etc. B-type is mainly used to adjust humidity and to prevent condensation of water sweat.

The moisture absorbing capability and physical chemistry’s performance of our products conform to the standard of Japanese Industrial Specification (JIS-Z-0701).

Compare Our A-type silica gel to Japanese Industrial Standard(JIS)

Item Our Company JIS-Z-0701
Moisture absorption rate(%) 20%RH 11.0 8.0
50%RH 27.0 20.0
90%RH 36.0 30.0
Moisture Content(%) 2.0 2.5
PH Value 4-8 4–8
Specific Resistance Ω・cm 4.000 3.000

※The above-mentioned are not guarantee value but test value

Moisture Absorption Isotherm of Silica Gel

the moisture absorbing capability Our company’s silica gel


Composition(test value)

Item Weight ratio (%)
SiO2 99.25
Na2O 0.21
Al2O2 0.16
others 0.08

※The above-mentioned are not guarantee value but test value

Packaging material

According to the use and the requirement, the packaging materials of silica gel series are the safe and strengthen packaging materials

Specification Packaging material
ST series It is the high-security polyester film with holes. And it meets the specification standard of food additive and Notice 370 of Japan Health Bureau.
The STE series is mixed indicating silica gel (Eco blue) which is used to check the humidity. So you can check whether it is useful by checking external.