Silica gel Desiccant

Characteristics & Performance

The main composition of silica gel is silicon dioxide (SiO2). It is a kind of porous substance with a specific surface area of 700m2/g. When saturated with water, the surface will not humid and the shape will not change.

The chemical formula is SiO2+nH2O, it is a material with good stability and high security. It is regarded as a dietary supplement by America FDA. 

Under certain relatively humidity, it can be divided into A and B type according to the moisture absorbing rate. A type is used widely, mainly used for waterproof or rustproof packages in the food products and electronic fittings etc. B-type is mainly used to adjust humidity and to prevent condensation of water sweat.

The moisture absorbing capability and physical chemistry’s performance of our products conform to the standard of Japanese Industrial Specification (JIS-Z-0701).

Compare Our A-type silica gel to Japanese Industrial Standard(JIS)

Item Our Company JIS-Z-0701
Moisture absorption rate(%) 20%RH 11.0 8.0
50%RH 27.0 20.0
90%RH 36.0 30.0
Moisture Content(%) 2.0 2.5
PH Value 4-8 4–8
Specific Resistance Ω・cm 4.000 3.000

※The above-mentioned are not guarantee value but test value

Moisture Absorption Isotherm of Silica Gel

the moisture absorbing capability Our company’s silica gel


Composition(test value)

Item Weight ratio (%)
SiO2 99.25
Na2O 0.21
Al2O2 0.16
others 0.08

※The above-mentioned are not guarantee value but test value

Packaging material

According to the use and the requirement, the packaging materials of silica gel series are the safe and strengthen packaging materials

Specification Packaging material
ST series It is the high-security polyester film with holes. And it meets the specification standard of food additive and Notice 370 of Japan Health Bureau.
The STE series is mixed indicating silica gel (Eco blue) which is used to check the humidity. So you can check whether it is useful by checking external.
SF series Three layers: Paper/PE strengthened fiber/PE
By using the special ventilation processing technology, we can only make PE ventilation, so it will be with the most proper moisture permeability.
SMF series Multi-layer structure: the surface is polyester, the back is polyolefin. It is smooth and with network structure. The moisture permeability is good. We use the special non-woven fabric.
(the packaging material used: imported packaging material from Japan)


Electronic parts, accurate machine parts, export bale package, health food, medicine, sweet biscuits, inflated food etc.


The main composition is SiO2. It will not be digested and absorbed by human body, so if you eat it by mistake, do not have to worry about toxicosis. The humidity indicator is used to check the humidity which has the high security organic coloring material without cobalt dichloride. So you can check whether it is useful by checking external.

※Regulations of cobalt dichloride

Cobalt dichloride has the possibility of causing cancer and it is classified into IARC-2B which is Carcinogenicity evaluation by International cancer research agency.
According to EU standard (67/548/EEC) dangerous substances attachment I it is contained in the instruction of classification, packaging and identification of dangerous goods. There are obligations to mark with regulation warnings if the cobalt dichloride is more than 0.01%. In addition, it is also listed in Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) list issued by European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

The characteristic of [ECO BLUE induction humidity indicator] (ECO BLUE TM)

It is a kind of Environmental indicating silica gel and can be confirmed the water absorption state by visual test. It does not contain heavy metal. Cobalt dichloride indicating silica gel turns from blue to light blue and then light red and finally to pink.
The organic indicating silica gel change colors as the following photos: deep blue to deep purple (at 10%RH and 20%RH), then turns to deep red purple (at 30%RH), and then dark red (at 40%RH). It has a characteristic of color changing from blue to red rapidly.

humidity color degradation Condition
0% 5E6B2B8D-D37E-4398-BCE6-458EFE1E3CEC Before absorbing moisture, the desiccant is blue
10% BA41F6CE-C94D-44DA-AA36-9F9AD17EF683 10%RH, dark red purple particles gradually appeared
20% DCC958CF-EE1F-406E-91CD-B34C5F031F69 20%RH, dark red purple particles become more.
30% B49D5C64-DBE5-4918-AF82-B74C5885D5BF 30%RH, still some remained dark red purple particles, the whole is dark red purple.
40% 4ACE067B-2A34-4D08-A89C-CAAF21809B21 40%RH, the red purple almost disappeared, the color is dark red.

Notice for using.

  • It may not contain the humidity indicating silica gel in the light weight product.
  • Silica gel desiccant has the excellent adsorption. Although it will change the color after adsorb the volatile Ingredients, but the effect will not change.