Quality keeping

Customer’s important products get bad slowly in the circulation stage. Moisture absorption, condensation, rust, corrosion, oxidation, discoloration, mildew, bacteria, pests, odor…… To solve those problems and maintain same stage as ex-factory for a long time, our company produce quality keeping products such as desiccant, oxygen absorber, alcohol fresh keeper and anti-mold agent. There are many kinds of methods to keep the quality, to seal a quality keeper is relatively simple, safe, and economical method, isn’t it?

We have desiccants such as lime desiccant, silica gel desiccant, clay desiccant, salt series desiccant, container desiccant etc. We have iron type oxygen absorber and organic type oxygen absorber which can pass metal detective, also water depended oxygen absorber for high water activity products and frozen type oxygen absorber for frozen food. We also have Alcohol fresh keeper, according to different food and weight, customer can choose different spec.

Only seal the agent is not enough. Quality can not be kept If don’t use proper type and spec according to different purpose. In addition, products are not only rest of cost. If don’t choose quality keepers that customers request to maintain the quality, products will loose faith from customers.

Please let us keep quality for you.. We will ask your problems and confusions, and will do practical test according to your requirement and submit a proposal. Our company has been for 20 years and we will always provide cost-effective products in the future.

Attention of quality
Our company pays high attention to quality. The following inspections are proceeded before quality keepers being shipped out. Only qualified products will be provided to customers.

We don’t accept the raw materials which can not reach our quality standard. Never give away from quality. Taking this as guidelines, our company communicated so much with suppliers.

1 Inspection of raw materials

When the raw material entering warehouse, each batch shall be checked and only qualified raw materials can be accepted. Had previously refused to storage do not meet our quality standards of raw materials to stop the supply of the phenomenon, to never give in to the quality policy, repeatedly and suppliers were having this conversation.

2 Product full inspection

First use automatic sensor to remove defective products packed by the automatic filling packaging machine. Qualified and skilled workers will take a visual inspection again and remove defective products.

3.Casual inspection of production department

Item inspections have been handled at the beginning of the work, the beginning and end of rest time, the end of the work and at regular intervals during work. Production should be started after every items have been confirmed qualified. All the records shall be kept and can be traced.

4.Casual inspection of QC department

QC department make casual inspection during producing.. Only qualified production can be putted into storage.

5.Inspection before shipping out

Regarding to oxygen absorber, 24 hours after filling, we will make inspection to check, if there have the foreign matter in the bag , whether the oxygen indicator is turned into a non oxygen state and so on. Such a double or treble confirming system can prevent the outflow of defective products .

6.Purchase of high speed automatic packing machine

Base of the former filling and packaging machines, high speed automatic filling packaging machine for desiccants and oxygen absorber was purchased in 2013. Productivity improved and the discharge capacity of the defective products became superior. Nipping of sachets which is the most popular reason of product defects greatly reduced.

7.Inspection of shipment

Warehouse operators take visual inspection of the products appearance, confirm no scratches and dirty and then give to transport companies. They also ask the transport companies to handle the goods carefully.