Quality Policy and Quality activity Object

Enterprise Spirit

Build our company in the atmosphere of “taking development as glory”
Build our company with “selling satisfied products to customers”
Build our company with” devoting high quality products to society”

Quality Policy and Quality activity Object

Quality Policy: Quality Service Innovation

Quality: Create high quality enterprise surrounding and products through scientific management
Service Provide good service, make customers satisfied and staffs honored
Innovation Reform and innovation so as to improve continuously

Quality activity Object

We mainly sell products that maintain quality and develop the outstanding products in high quality, low expense at the request of customers, provide intelligence; suggestion and other synthesize service to them. All that we do is to reach the target of “selling satisfied products to customers”

Each staff and worker can realize their own ideal through “working hard, mastering knowledge, and improving technology”, get reward and salary by creating achievement and value together with company.

The so-called “devoting to the society “is to protect resources and environment, create profits so as to repay the local society when we sell our products.

We adhere to our belief, pursue the efficiency and quality during development, face the change of external world flexibly and accept the cultural differences of different countries.

In order to sell the satisfied products to clients, we think that quality is the most important theme and improve, develop the quality control system so as to guarantee and maintain a stable quality.

Quality Control Policy

  • To ensure the construction and maintains of quality control system, we strictly keep the principle: Plan(ISO9001) –Do–Check–Action
  • Carry out the“5S”activities:
    • SEIRI: throw away the waste, leave those necessary
    • SEITON: put those left in order 
    • SEISO: clean the surroundings
    • SEIKETSU: maintain the three above “3S”
    • SHITSUKE: develop good habits; abide by the regulations and other personal quality.
  • For the development of quality system, each staff and worker should study the basic thought method, so that every member can promote and participate in the quality control
  • We can devote ourselves not only to our development but also to customers’ development and society through the effective action of the quality control system.