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High Performance Desiccant-Dry Max規格表

Dry Max® -M is the high-performance desiccant made by magnesium chloride (also contained in bittern) and fixative. The product can absorb the moisture strongly that uses a chemical reaction. After absorbing the moisture, it will solidify.


Container Desiccant-Dry Max規格表

MX1000GT is specifically developed for container. It can control the humidity inside the container below the dew point during seaway, railway, and airway transportation to prevent goods damage from condensation while the containers transport in the climate zone and have environment and temperature change.
Use: sea containers, air cargo, warehouse and so on.


Silica Gel Desiccant規格表

It is the synthetic porous material. The main composition is silicon dioxide (SiO2). When saturated with water, the surface of it will not be humidification and the shape will not change. We can provide silica gel desiccant with series specification according to the commodity use and the requirement of the client. We use the environment friendly Eco-Blue indicating silica gel for indicating the humidity.
Use: electronic parts, machinery accurate parts, export bale packaging, health food, medicine, sweet biscuits, inflated food, etc.


Lime Desiccant-RAYM規格表

The main composition is calcium oxide (CaO), which absorbs moisture by its chemical reaction. Advantage: Its moisture absorption has nothing to do with the external humidity condition. The moisture absorption capacity is about 30% of its own weight. Especially at low humidity, the long time moisture absorption effect is excellent. It is with good price advantage.
Use: Nori, rice cracker, dehydrated vegetables, shiitake mushroom, candy, etc.


Clay Desiccant—CARE DRY・Unit-Pack規格表

The main composition of the desiccant clay has the same composition with the soil, so this kind of desiccant is an environment-friendly product. It has a high water absorption rate at low humidity and has a special effect in metal preventing. The packaging material is the high-strength composite material. It is used for the storage of export bale package and large-sized items.
Use: electronic parts, electronic machines, export bale package, machine bale package



Oxygen absorber

Ethanol transpiration type oxygen absorber-OxyMove®規格表

Ethanol transpiration type oxygen absorber OxyMove is quality preservation agent which is added ethanol transpiration function to iron type self-reactive oxygen absorber.
It is hybrid type oxygen absorber that exhibits a strong growth inhibitory effect on molds and yeast, Bacillus subtilis, lactic acid bacteria, etc. by deoxidizing and filling with ethanol gas the food container. In addition, the action of ethanol keeps the food soft and moist.

Use: Baumkuchen, muffin, castella, pound cake, sponge cake, etc.


Oxygen Absorber—Oxy Move規格表

The Oxygen Absorber can be divided into the following two kinds: The first one: iron series. It also has two series, self-reaction type and water depended type. It utilizes the chemical reaction of iron and oxygen. The second one: organic series self-reaction type, the main composition of it is organic material. Both of them can make the container under an oxygen-free condition so that to prevent the food from oxygen.
Use: steamed bread, moon cakes, cakes, peanuts, charqui and dehydrated vegetables and so on.



The organic series oxygen absorber –Oxy Move規格表

Nowadays, the main raw material of the oxygen absorber used now is iron powder. These years, the requirement for the security of food is higher and higher, the requirement for the non-iron series oxygen absorber that can pass the metal detect machine is more and more.
Use: steamed bread, moon cakes, cakes, peanuts, charqui and dehydrated vegetables and so on.


Alcohol Freshness Retainer—Fresh-Care規格表

The alcohol releases slowly in the container, it not only has the effect of anti-bacteria, but also prevent the food from dehydration and keep the foods moist. It is very safe in the foods preservation that uses a little alcohol to keep the quantity of foods. It needs not to use air barrier material as its out package like oxygen absorber, so it’s more economic.
Use: European cakes, sponge cakes, sauce, seafood and so on.


Anti-mold agent·Pack related material


Care Mold Pak規格表

Care Mold Pak is a kind of gasified anti-mold agent which is made of plant composition powder by special preparation and filled in a sachet. It plays the effect on mildew, bacteria, yeast. Gasified rate is smallest so effect can be sustained for a long time and it is suitable for preserving goods that can not add fungicide. In addition, it is different from desiccant and is effect to Aspergillus Niger. It can prevent the attachment of bacteria growth and can also play effect on the surrounding bacteria effectively.

Antibacterial agent・Anti-mold agent規格表

Create antibacterial deodorant by coating B type silica gel with antibacterial metal ion through our special technology. Almost no dissolution and gasification, it has antibacterial and mildew proof effect to the contact surface for a long time. Antibacterial metal ion is a type of antibacterial agent taking silver – sub zinc ion as main component. It has a wide range of antimicrobial spectrum, inhibits the reproduction of bacteria and prevents foul smell caused by bacteria.
Use as deodorant for pet toilet and simple toilet.

Humidity Indicating Card—Humidicator S & D規格表

It can be used for the humidity-monitoring of electronic parts, semiconductor, precision machinery and so on. The Humidity Indicating Card is sealed into the moisture-proof package. It can indicate the current moisture humidity well.


Fresh Keeper


CO2 absorber – freshcare®-C規格表

Freshcare. ®-C absorbs CO2 and controls the concentration of CO2 in the package, controls the respiration of vegetables and fruits and keep the freshness.


Ethylene gas absorber – freshcare®-E規格表

Freshcare ®-E is a freshness keeping agent that removes ethylene gas from fruits and vegetables, suppresses over ripe, has softening prevention and prevents moisture evaporation of vegetables and fruits.


Ice Pack(freshcare®-I)規格表

Freshcare® -I is an easy-to-use refrigerant that just absorbs water and freezes it. It can also be used as an absorbent for drip (interstitial fluid that leaves when meat and fish etc are left for a long time).