Enterprise Spirit:

Build our company in the atmosphere of “taking development as glory”
Build our company with “selling satisfied products to customers”
Build our company with” devoting high quality products to society”

1995 May Establish(Joint venture)
1996 April Open
Start to produce lime desiccant and pet desiccant(Cat litter)
1998 February Start to produce silica gel desiccant
1998 September Alter to 100% Japanese enterprises
1999 June Start to produce oxygen absorber
2000 June Start to produce Super Deodorant
2001 March Start to produce packaging material
2002 January Got ISO9001:2000 Certification
March Start to produce clay desiccant (natural clay)
October Start to produce fresh keeper
2004 August Start to sale container desiccant
2006 June Start to sale salt series high performance desiccant
2007 February Start to sale circumstance friendly non-cobalt humidity indicator and silica gel
2008 July Start to produce organic oxygen absorber
2009 May Clean oxygen absorber workshop complete
2010 February Build new analysis room
April Install Multi-line four sides sealing machine
2011 January Start to produce home desiccant
2012 August Start to produce Anti-mold agent Care Mold Pak
2013 March Install high speed packaging machine