The organic series oxygen absorber OA/OC type


Oxygen absorber usually uses iron powder as main raw material. In recent years, the need for non-iron type oxygen absorber that can pass the metal detector is increasing with the increasing momentum of safety and security for food. We have partnered with leading Japanese company to develop organic type oxygen absorber with our own technology.


  • ① Since it generates carbon dioxide gas equivalent to the amount of oxygen absorbed, it has almost no effect on shrinkage of packaging containers and food deformation.
  • ② The carbon dioxide gas has the effect of antibacterial.
  • ③ It can pass the metal detector, so inspection in the final process is possible.
  • ④ The main composition of raw materials is food additives.
  • ⑤ The packaging material has water and oil resistance, and its safety has been confirmed by public organizations.

* Carbon dioxide dissolves in water and oil in food, so depending on the food, it may gradually shrink as a result.

Deoxygenation performance