The organic series oxygen absorber OA type


Nowadays, oxygen absorber usually use iron powder as main raw material. These years, as the requirement of the food security is higher and higher, the requirement for the non-iron series oxygen absorber that can pass the metal detect machine is more and more. But the non-iron organic series oxygen absorber manufactures is very few in China. The product is mainly imported from abroad, the cost is very high, and this blocked the widely use of organic series. Cooperated with advanced companies in Japan, our company developed the organic series oxygen absorber (OA type) successfully by our own technology.


  • ① Absorbed oxygen is almost equals to generated carbon dioxide. So the packing container will not shrink and the shape of the food will not distort.
  • ② The carbon dioxide has the effect of antibacterial.
  • ③ It can pass the metal detect machine, so it can be checked at the final process of the client.
  • ④ The main composition of the raw materials is food additive.
  • ⑤ The packaging material is water and oil proof, and the official organs have identified the security. So customers can use it safely.

Deoxygenation performance/Contents

O2 absorption and CO2 generation curve of OA type


Organic type Vitamins
Alkali carbonate
Water retention agent
Alkaline aqueous solution

Efforts we have made for the foods secure

  • ①Got ISO-9001(2008) Certification in 2011.
  • ②Installed long-distance monitoring cameras [Real-time Management System] in 2007
  • ③Built the factory that corresponding to HACCP(ISO-22000) in 2008.

To improve food safety

Chinese government always pays attention to food safety and hygiene, and keeps making efforts on this. Taking the highest level in the world as target, our company built better structure of quality management responsibility system, risk management system and rapid corresponding system in manufacturing engineering. In 2007, the Quality Inspection General Administration tested the moon cakes of 378 food manufacturers.