DryMax®-MX1000GT Container desiccant   Not the object of CLP regulations


DRYMAX® -MX1000GT Container desiccant is the high-performance desiccant which is made of magnesium chloride (also contained in bittern) and fixative. The product can absorb the moisture strongly. After absorbing the moisture, it will solidify. MX1000GT is specifically developed for container. It can control the humidity inside the container below the dew point during seaway, railway, and airway transportation to prevent goods damage from condensation while the containers transport in the climate zone and have environment and temperature change. Difference to CaCl2, MgCl2 is not limited by CLP regulations. It can be exported to EU.


  • 1 It can absorb moisture strongly at all of the humidity environments, from low humidity to high humidity.
  • 2 The maximum moisture-absorption capacity can be 210%, which is 7 times of silica gel products.
  • 3 Keep long time absorption ability and can fully effect in long time and distance shipment.
  • 4 After absorbing moisture, it will solidify, so the effect can be judged easily.
  • 5 There are the special plastic hooks which are used for hanging attached to the container wall.
Before absorption after absorption
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moisture absorption rate


Test of moisture absorption in the seaway cargo .

Hanging 20 pieces of MX1000GT inside the 40FT container, survey the moisture absorption when unloading the goods.

Shipment on the October Changes of the desiccant weight
North America route Shanghai to USWC 20kg→40kg moisture absorption 20kg
Europe route Hong Kong to Germany 20kg→50kg moisture absorption 30kg
Japan route Hong Kong to Yokohama 20kg→35kg moisture absorption 15kg


MX1000GT container desiccant is suitable to proof moisture for the following commodities during transportation.

  • Metal products、electrical tools
  • Electronic products、precision instrument、optical products、solar panels
  • Automobile parts、precise instruments、heavy machine、machinery equipment
  • Fibers、leathers、membrane、paper products
  • Wooden furniture、Bamboo cane handicraft、folk crafts
  • Pharmaceutical products, IT related, precision chemical and palstic films



  • Hang the hook of 「DryMax-MX1000G」on container cliff after opening the outer packaging of it.
  • We recommend using 8~10 pieces MX1000GT in 20FT cargo and double in 40FT cargo.
  • Using quantity must be increased if there are a lot of papers, woods and fiber products in the cargo.



  • Stock in cool place. Seal the bag again after opening and using.
  • Don’t allow the inner raw material contact with water directly.
  • Please do not contact with goods directly.