CO2 absorber(freshcare®-C)


The freshness of fresh vegetables and fruits is influenced by the environment which include oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. and temperature, humidity, dew, etc. during storage and transportation. Freshcare. ®-C absorbs CO2 and controls the concentration of CO2 in the package, controls the respiration of vegetables and fruits and keep the freshness. Using with low permeability film package, freshcare® -C can preserve fresh vegetables and fruits for a long-term.

CO2 absorption capacity


※ Not assurance.


Garlic, persimmon, ginger, sour orange, pickles, kiwifruit, bamboo shoots, etc.
 ※Using with water absorption agent is more effective..

Using attention

  • Make sure to test with the actual goods, confirm the effect, etc.
  • Please use with fresh, undamaged and clean green fruits. If mixed with poor quality green fruit, the effect will become poor.
  • Cool the green fruits to the storage temperature and then pack.
  • Prevent the packing broken.
  • Use as soon as possible after opening the package. Put the unused products back into the bag and seal.