Lime Desiccant [RAYM]

Characteristics& Performance

Lime desiccant has a high humidity absorption rate compared to physical absorbing desiccant, especially at low humidity. It is economical desiccant and has good absorption ability for long time stock.
The main composition of lime desiccant is calcium oxide (CaO), which absorbs moisture by a chemical reaction. The chemical equation is usually expressed as:
Its moisture absorption has nothing to do with the external humidity condition, the moisture absorption capacity is about 30% of its own weight, after absorbing the moisture, it will change into powder, so it is very easy to judge whether it has absorbed moisture or not. Meanwhile, the moisture that has been absorbed will release vapor.

Comparing with the physical absorptive desiccant, especially at the state of low humidity, it is a desiccant that has high moisture-absorption rate, excellent long time moisture-absorption property, and with lower cost.

Moisture-absorption property(Charts omitted)

Moisture-absorption property

Composition(test value)


※The above-mentioned are not guarantee value but test value.

Packaging material

The packaging material is made of three layers—-non-woven fablic layer, moisture-permeability water-proof film layer and polyethylene layer to achieve the best moisture-permeability of the desiccant.
①Since it does not use paper, it is hygienic because no paper dust is produced.
②Since it is back side printing, ink does not come in direct contact with food.
③It does not contain harmful substances (RoHS 10, etc.).
④Since it contacts food directly, the microorganism test is also clear.


Nori, rice crackers, dehydrated vegetables, shiitake mushroom, candy, etc.


It is not the food, but the lime is not only used as the dietary supplement, but also used as the decontaminating agent of impurities and coagulant.
The packaging material contains no harmful materials and with good strength, so please rest assured to use it.
Notice for use:
①After absorbing moisture, the lime desiccant will expansion, and if your container has no expanding room, it would cause the bag broken. Besides, while using, please avoid bearing, flexing and kneading etc.
②If it is used for the food with high humidity, we suggest you to do the actual packaging test firstly.
③If the content in the desiccant is still effective, don’t let it contact water, because if the lime contacts the water directly it will generate heat immediately.