Introduction of our Factory

Introduction of production department

「In order not to send defects to valued customers」

-Therefore in the production department, workers will be responsible for the inspection from in to out of the warehouse, especially product inspection, strict confirmation performed by machine test, visual look and inspection before shipment.

1. Incoming inspection of raw materials

We only use the qualified products which had been inspected before putting in storage very time.
The most important step of incoming inspection is the test of the active ingredients. Effective ingredients will greatly affect the product’s ability.
Regarding to lime desiccant, use the electric heaters to test the ignition loss and carbon dioxide and then calculate the content of active ingredient-calcium oxide.
Regarding to silica gel and clay desiccant, put them in the drying stove, test the water content to judge their drying capacity.

Regarding to silica gel and clay desiccant, put them in the drying stove, test the water content to judge their drying capacity.

2. Process of packaging material

Regard to desiccant and oxygen absorber, ability of the raw material is certainly important, packaging material also has an influence on their capabilities. This is not exaggerating. Our company not only do filling and packaging, we also the service packaging material ventilation processing and cutting processing.
No matter how good the raw materials are, if they have no stable moisture-penetrability and air permeability, the efficacy of raw materials cannot be played well.

3. Inspection of packaging film

Use wangyan air permeability meter, ISO5636/5 ,JIS-P-8118 exchange, to test the ventilated packaging film. Use most suitable ventilation process to maximize the ability and get most suitable speed of the desiccant.

4.  Management system of workshop

Customer will complain if there has foreign matters in the product. So air shower room at the entrance can prevent foreign substance and dust when workers and materials enter factory. In addition, workshop is positive pressure to prevent insect. Workers wash hands and sterilize, remove rings, earrings etc., wear cap to prevent hair exposure.

5.  Full product inspection

First use automatic sensor to remove defective products packed by the automatic filling packaging machine. Qualified and skilled workers will take a visual inspection again and remove defective products, we will not allow any defects outflow from our factory. Keep records of the raw materials and packaging film lot, sampling record, product lot no. Etc. So that everything can be reviewed.

6. Inspection before shipping out (final inspection)

Regarding to oxygen absorber, 24 hours after filling, we will make inspection to check, if there have the foreign matter in the bag , whether the oxygen indicator is turned into a non oxygen state and so on. Such a double or treble confirming system can prevent the outflow of defective products .

7. Pack/ storage/handle

Finished products will be packed into the box carefully on the pallet to avoid damage and dirty. Export goods will be packed by stretch film and well stocked until ship out. Our pack is base on our experience and achievement considering the transportation abroad including Japan.

8. Cargo loading

Warehouse workers check the appearance and quantity of cartons before loading and then load by forklift carefully. In order not to cause damage in the container during shipment and make full use of the space, we usually make it no gaps as much as possible.

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Introduction about QC Section

「To support good quality products stably to import customers.」

―QC department makes the incoming inspection of raw material and outgoing inspection of products and improve the trace ability. Also do other tests according to customers’ requirements. 

1.When the raw material entering warehouse, each batch shall be checked and only qualified raw materials can be accepted.

■Use a stereoscopic microscope to test the raw material.
■Put the desiccant into the desiccators with variety of relative humidity to determine the moisture-absorption property. 

2.Before the products are delivered out from warehouse, each batch shall be checked and few items and only qualified raw materials can be delivered out.

■Inspection of heat-sealing strength
■Test the performance of products kept in 25℃ thermostatic chamber within certain time
■Use oxygen concentration meter to test the capacity of oxygen absorber

3.We can get the information by using all kinds of the equipment and measuring instruments to recommend suitable desiccant, the kind and type of oxygen absorber according to customers’ consignation.

■Test the humidity change and oxgen concentration in customers’ commodity bag
■Varies kinds of equipment

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IMG_8608 Labo

Introduction of Sale・Management department

「To supply security satisfaction to customers」

―Sale & Management departments will offer customers proposals and replies to consultation, quotation, sampling and delivery arrangement base on customers’ position.

1.Customer satisfaction

■Supply consultation about the type and required weight of desiccant and the size of oxygen absorber etc.
■Grasp customers’ requirement and provide best proposal. After long time trial and support new products that meet the requirement of customer.
■Using our own order control system to manage the producing, stock and delivery. We can accept shortly delivery order.
■There are risks unexpected during trading. According to our experience, in order to avoid kinds of risks, we need to keep close contact with suppliers and keep the stable stock of raw materials and films.
■To meet the consult from Japan and other countries, we have staffs good at Japanese and English to handle your order timely. In addition, we can accept trading in our our of China. You can feel easy about the doc.

2.Quality value

■Taking satisfying our customer’s demands and quality up as a subject, we have a discussion and analysis in the quality management meeting completely until being accepted.
■MSDS, RoHS related Substances of Very High Concern data can be supplied
■Besides previous methods of management, the newest distance-control camera system is used to manage the manufacture condition in real time.

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