Brief of Nantong

Nantong located in the Yangtze Delta, the middle of Jiangsu province, south Yangtze River, east Yellow Sea and faces Shanghai.
Spinning industry developed well in ancient times. Recently, many chemical, mechanical, electronic Japanese companies started their business in Nantong.
Tourist attractions are as follows: Wolf Hill-the location place of LinJiZong GuangJiaoTemple, Nantong’s mother river –Hao river, which was built in the Tang Dynasty. Under the decoration of the colorful lights, the night is hauntingly.

Japanese restaurants Map

Map of Japanese Style Bars in Nantong
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Total Area 8544km2
Population about 7,700,000
Administrative level Cities at Precture Level
Administrative Division 4 Cities, 2 Counties, 2 Districts.
City Tree Magnolia grandiflora (Magnoliaceae)
City Flower Chrysanthemum
Post Code 226000
Area Code 0513
Number Plate 苏F
Education Nantong University (Medical college, Institute of Technology, Teachers College), as well as other technological academies, teachers colleges and commerce colleges.
Dialect There are many kinds of dialects, mainly Nantong dialect (independent dialect), Qihai dialect (near Shanghai dialect), Tongdong dialect, Tairu dialect, Jinsha dialect, and so on.


● You can come to Nantong by private cars, taxis.
Start from Shanghai Pudong and pass A30 expressway,
Start from Shanghai Hongqiao, pass A5 or Yanjiang expressway and pass through Sutong Bridge.
● Long-distance bus
Shanghai Stadium 、long-distance bus Center ← → Nantong Hotel
● Nantong Xingdong Airport (domestic flights)
Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Dalian, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xiamen air-ferry.

Four strange things in Nantong … Since ancient times:
1. No wolves in Wolf Hill.
2. No mountain in Kwan-yin Mountain.
3. Long bridge (now known as Zhongyuan Bridge) is not long
4. The south of Nantong is obstructed (South Yangtze River)

The biggest cable-stayed bridge, Sutong Bridge, which was designed independently by China, opened officially on June 30, 2008. Stretching across the Yangtze River and connecting Nantong city and Suzhou city of Jiangsu Province, its overall length reaches 32.4km. It consists of three parts, the bridge body whose main span is 1088 meters, the northern part and the southern part. The spacing of the main span, the depth of the base, the height of the main tower and the length of the cables all have set world records.

Changxing Island and Chongming Island lie in the Yangtze River estuary that flows through northern Shanghai. Opposite Chongming Island is Qidong city that is governed by Nantong, Jiangsu Province. After Chongqi Bridge, connecting Chongming Island and Qidong and dedicated to motor vehicles, opened on December 24, 2011, there were more routes from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Nantong; thus, it takes 2 hours from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Nantong Downtown. Starting from Shanghai Pudong Airport, going through Changxing tunnel to Changxing Island; going across the Yangtze Bridge to Chongming Island, crossing Chongqi Bridge, going through Qidong city, reach to Nantong.

The latest timetable of shuttle buses from Shanghai (Nantong) to Nantong (Shanghai)



Time Boarding Terminal Price(Yuan) Stop By
8:05 Shanghai Tourist Bus Center
No.2409 Zhongshannaner
Nantong Hotel 63
13:00 68
11:50 Hutai Road Passenger Depot 58 Jiading
8:00 Jiading Passenger
Transportation Center
53 nonstop



Time Boarding Terminal Price(Yuan) Stop By
7:30 Nantong Hotel Shanghai Tourist
Bus Center
58 No.2 terminal of
Hongquiao Airport
8:00 68
10:00 58
13:00 68
15:00 63
17:00 63
17:15(Sunday) 63
14:00 58

Nantong ⇒ Hongqiao Airport·through shanghai stadium, finally to Nanpu Bridge (60 Yuan)
7:40 / 14:00 (Everyday)  
16:30   (Monday to Thursday & Sunday )
17:30   (Friday to Sunday)

Nantong ⇒ Hongqiao Airport, finally to Pudong Airport (60 Yuan to Hongqiao Airport, 100 Yuan to Pudong Airport)
7:00  9:30 12:10 ( takes about 3 hours)

Shanghai (Nanpu Bridge) ⇒ Nantong (60 Yuan)
8:40  13:30  18:15
*Boarding at Tourist Terminal, No.1 gate of Nanpu Bridge Stop of subway Line 4

Shanghai (No.2 terminal of Hongqiao Airport) → Nantong (60 Yuan)
14:30 16:30  18:30 
*Please sit around Gate 7 on the third floor of No.2 terminal of Hongqiao Airport. When you hear “Nantong”, go with the driver to the parking lot. You will see public signs reading “南通集合点”.

Pudong Airport (parking lot for coaches of No.2 terminal) ⇒ Through Hongqiao Airport and finally to Nantong (100 Yuan)
13:30 15:30 17:00  (takes about 3 hours.)
*Boarding in front of “汉堡王”on the second floor of No.2 terminal

100 Yuan for a round ticket of Nantong ⇔ Hongqiao Airport (valid within two days)
180 Yuan for a round ticket of Nantong ⇔Pudong Airport (valid within three days)

From March 1, 2014, there are 4 shuttle buses from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Nantong Coach Station. They go through Nantong East Station. It costs 91 Yuan to go to Nantong Coach Station and 90 Yuan to Nantong East Station.
Boarding at Shanghai Pudong Airport  09:50、12:00、16:50、19:40
Boarding at Nantong Coach Station 06:30、08:30、13:30、15:30
Boarding at Nantong East Station    07:10、09:10、14:10、16:10