Tab Desiccant(Desi Tab™)


  • It do not need much space like sachet type can be filled automatically to improve the efficiency.
  • Can be formed according to various shapes and sizes.
  • Uniform morphology, high compression strength, and have superior mechanical properties.
  • Stable chemical properties.
  • Because it is a physical adsorption, the size and shape of the tablet is not changed after adsorption. There is no corrosion and deliquescence.
  • You can choose the packaging film and tab shape base on your use and purpose.

Raw Material

Silica gel Main composition is SiO2, which is porous material with a specific surface area of 700m2/g.
Molecular sieve Take 4A Synthetic molecular sieve as raw material, it can keep good humidity absorption capacity even at low humidity.

Humidity absorption rate(%)

Item A type silica gel B type silica gel Molecular sieve
Humidity absorption rate(%) 20%RH 9.0% 3.80% 19.0%
50%RH 20.0% 10.9% 20.4%
90%RH 27.0% 45.0% 21.2%

※The above-mentioned are not guarantee value but standard value.



Non woven fabric packaged type and tab only.

【Non woven fabric packaged type】

【Tab only silica gel】

【Tab only MS type】
desitab2 desitab3 desitab4

Non woven fabric packaged type: Pack the tab with non woven fabric. Even if it is broken, contents won’t leak out, so it is quote safe.

Tab only tab: There is possibility of having micro powder on the surface, this is suitable for commodity that do not need to contact directly with desiccant.