Card Desiccant(Desi Kard™)


The world’s first composite desiccant, which combines the moisture keeping capacity of the natural fiber and high performance of magnesium. Both sides of humidity absorbent substrate are laminated with films. It is thin type and, do not need much space and can be used as paper platform and pallet. It can avoid fault eaten. There is no damage so it is safe and can be supplied automatically to improve the efficiency.

Humidity absorption rate(%)

Item Our company JIS-Z-0701
Humidity absorption rate(%) 20%RH 10.0 8.0
50%RH 23.0 20.0
90%RH 100.0 30.0

※The above-mentioned are not guarantee value but standard value.


Humidity absorbent substrate is paper pulp soaked with MgCl2 and then both sides are laminated with films.



Product It is card type, and so not need to worry about damage like sachet type and can also avoid fault eaten.
Main composition It is made by magnesium chloride which is also contained in bittern. Difference to CaCl2, MgCl2 is not limited by CLP regulations.
Film Use high security PE film which meet the Notice 370 of Japanese Ministry of Health: Spec of Food additive.


Have various sizes. Shape, size, and print can also be customized like round type, star type and so on. Please consult our company for details.


Magnesium chloride may be corrosive to metal if it contacts metals, please avoid contact with metal.
Avoid the preservation under high temperature and high humidity.